2013’s Top Three Trends In Online Marketing

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2013’s Top Three Trends In Online Marketing

There is but a few months left of 2013, and we have seen lots of improvements with internet marketing through the past nine months. There were some marketers who were able to provide fresh and new tactics, while there were also some who wasn’t able to recreate the methods to fit their needs. This does not mean though, that they have failed at what they need to do – of course, they have been able to push their message across, and to gain more clients through the online marketing methods that they have used.

With the year ending in just about three months, it is time to list down the trends in online marketing that has made the products being marketed sell commendably.

Improved Designs

The copy of an ad is definitely important, and must be thought of carefully. The copy, along with the visual aspects of advertisements, is important, as seen with the tactics of both Urbanears and Nike. Both brands have interesting copies, as well as layouts, further piquing the interests of target markets. Communication theorists and studies have proven how people perceive for ads to be more effective when these are created with visualizations, especially when done in a great manner.

Though we have seen an improvement in creative visualizations since social networking became more popular, 2013 marked the year when improvements in designs were seen, especially with regards to websites and online marketing.

Mobile Applications

No words would describe just how convenient it is to have a smartphone. Owners of smartphones are eager to download apps that are able to provide knowledge or entertainment to them, and online marketers have infiltrated these too, to provide content and platform for consumers to know specific details about them, and to enjoy what they could offer. Many have listed down the most used apps by smartphone users, further proving that creating apps is the best way to go if you want to get more audience for your products.

Apps used for online marketing are not limited to informative ones too, as you could easily find brands that have their own entertaining mobile apps. It could be game apps and such, as long as the message is received by the target audience.

Though effective, app developers still need to think of building one in a thorough manner. There are various tutorials on how one could develop these apps effectively, and you can find them in websites such as Marketing Land.

Social Media

It is undeniable that social media has made internet marketing a whole lot easier. With millions of subscribers, it is impossible for an online marketer not to find his target market in one of the many social networking sites gracing the internet. Though, it is extremely important that the right methods of collecting them be used. As proven, it is ineffective when a marketer simply creates a fan page, and does nothing to collect an audience.

Out of all the online marketing trends that hailed the year, it is social media marketing that probably was able to leave the biggest impact of all. Though it was not able to recreate marketing in a whole new manner, it was still able get the message across to so many people at once, which is obviously one of the main reasons why a marketer markets his products.

It seems as if before, people were lenient on how content was created. We walk in different parts of the city, and find almost the same message and content that the other advertisement has done, and it gets boring. Expectedly, there are many which are able to create new contents that are better than the others. However, the year 2013 has left with us so many points and opportunities to make online marketing bigger than it currently is.

We have seen in the years before that there is so much improvement with online marketing, but currently, it is in its best state. Surely though, we would see more improvements in the years ahead, especially with how it seems as if newer technologies are being released. In time, new methodologies would once again be created, and marketers from all over the world would, hopefully, love to comply with these changes.

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