5 Content Marketing Tips for your Business

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5 Content Marketing Tips for your Business

Whether it’s blogging, sending out e-newsletters, creating video campaigns, or posting on social networking sites, the goal is plain and simple: to increase viral reach and (hopefully) boost sales in the process. With the plethora of online platforms and tools we can take advantage of in order to keep up with the current marketing trends, it almost seems impossible not to get too caught up with the assumption that so long as we join the content marketing bandwagon, our brand is in good hands. But just as there are plenty of options to choose from and get creative with, there lies tough competition as well. With that in perspective, even the notion of being creative and different becomes too general of a strategy. The question we need to ask ourselves is how to produce such effective content.

It’s so easy to get lost in the what aspect of content-making, and perhaps you end up finding yourself on extreme ends of the stick: sounding too technical, or sounding too promotional. Some even make the mistake of drowning their content with too many keywords to climb up search engine ranks, as explained by an expert in this article. The key ofcourse, should lie in the manner to which you approach the execution of your marketing goals of going viral. Here are some tips to consider:

Make it interactive

One way to brew a buzz is to let people feel that they are a part of the happening. Produce content that encourages them to engage in an activity, in an advocacy, a forum, a contest, or what-have-you. This will also help you understand your consumers better and how to tickle their fancy.

Be informative

Being informative should not be taken in the limited context of laying out all the audience needs to know about your brand. This means posting about current and relevant news and issues that can contribute to social awareness, not just brand awareness. People want to be in-the-know all the time, and tapping that interest will in turn reflect positively on your content, as well as your image.

Make a stand

In relation to being informative, relevant, and up-to-date, letting people know where you stand or what you think about certain topics should also be on the plate. Don’t be afraid to let them in on your perspectives as this creates a more human touch to an otherwise boring story-telling. You’ve reached out by informing, now what is your take on it? You would most likely get mixed reactions and clash of opinions here and there, but whether they agree with you or not, it will certainly make your content go viral. You might want to check out this video campaign on the perception of beauty.

Less is More

We’ve heard this countless times and yet it is undeniably true most often than not. And the “quality over quantity” principle cannot be any more applicable in the world of content marketing. You don’t have to bombard your audience with posts on Facebook everyday, or spam them with chunks of e-newsletters. Other than the fact that you’ll end up running out of ideas, it’s a desperate cry for attention that will make your contents lose value, and eventually make you lose customers.

Ignite awe and wonder

Emotions play such a huge role in making something have an impact, that we simply cannot rule this one out of the picture. And what better emotion to tickle first than curiosity? Getting people to click on something has to have sprung from getting them to wonder what the post is all about in the first place. And ofcourse the post has to still be relevant, but interesting and fresh. Leave your audience with a lingering thought, something to ponder on, something to feel strongly about, or just with an interesting trivia like the ones you can find on Did You Know?

Content marketing poses a big challenge in a sense that it requires a touch of subtlety, and at the same time demands engagement. It’s a tricky business, but at the end of the day, it’s in how you make an impact on your audience that will define your fate. Just keep your ideas intact with your brand objectives (without the salespeak) and you’ll be on the right track.

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