AdWords will still charge you if your site is down

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AdWords will still charge you if your site is down

Given the level of internet connectivity today, it has become very crucial for businesses to have a prominent online presence in order to be prosperous. This reason for this is that a vast majority of consumers use the internet for everything, whether it’s to entertain themselves, keep in touch with their loved ones, shop for clothes or even to pay for their utility bills. As a result, online advertising has become an important avenue by which businesses can expose potential customers to their brand.

Advertising on the internet, however, can be a tremendously daunting and resource-consuming task. Having a dedicated marketing department aside, there are a number of technicalities to consider when putting ads on the internet. Needless to say, the cost of spear-heading an ad campaign on the internet all by yourself is very high.

And that is where services like Google’s AdWords come in.

A simple, easier way to advertise

AdWords is Google’s primary advertising product and also the company’s most important source of revenue. It offers well-placed, effective advertising at affordable rates and makes the whole thing incredibly convenient and flexible.

The service uses a cost-per-volume model and charges for individual clicks or per-thousand clicks. It also offers site-targeted ads which, given Google’s vast international network, affords users of AdWords the opportunity to reach millions of people.

AdWords offers its clients unprecedented control over the audience, and thus the cost, of their advertisements, with features like IP address exclusion as well as frequency capping.

Above all, AdWords makes online advertising easy, especially for those who lack the expertise to do so. It leaves businesses to focus on conventional marketing and acts as a middle-man for their online promotions.

What happens when your website experiences downtime?

A large part of having a strong online presence is to have consistent and uninterrupted website uptime. A website’s uptime is the amount of time that it is operational and is functioning properly. If a business is to have an online presence that is useful, it has to maintain this state for its website.

This is because when a website is down, its search engine optimization, or SEO, suffers. The longer your business’ website is un-operational, the lower its rank in search engine results.

Not only that, if you’re using AdWords, you actually pay more if your website experiences downtime. This is because, Google charges based on the number of clicks your ad gets, as opposed to the number of effective connections made to your website after said click. Due to this, you are charged, even when your business’ website is not working.

So, when your website is down, not only do you lose favor among search engine results – thereby losing potential customers – you also pay more for it!

The simplest way of avoiding all of this is to monitor your website’s uptime as frequently as is possible. This has been made easier by services like Monitive, which monitors websites in real-time and, in the event of errors or other issues, notifies the user with an alert, allowing speedy recovery.

Find out first if your website is down!