Buyer Persona is The Right Persona for Your Business

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I’m sure you want your customers to love you, be pleased with what you are doing and buy only from you over and over again.

It seems like a dream, but you can make it come true by creating the right buyer persona.

Businesses exist because customers exist. Of course a business’ purpose is to attract as many clients as possible, but that could turn up to be overwhelming. Too many types of people with hundreds and maybe thousands of requests, suggestions and complaints are just too much to handle.

Than what should you do?

Want to know what a buyer persona is? I drew up its portrait like this:

That one ideal person with whom you would like to meet up daily in your shop, that is going to buy everything you have for sale and would walk out smiling and telling everybody to get in and shop from you.

A buyer persona is a representation of this ideal customer taking into consideration customer demographics, behaviours, patterns, motivations and goals.

I don’t want one persona. I want them all!

Don’t worry about reducing your potential number of customers. This buyer persona is represented by a large group of people with the same characteristics. Besides that, there is the extended circle in which they revolve: friends with similar tastes, family that trusts their opinion and acquaintances that could try something recommended by a reliable person.

And there are also going to be additional clients that are going to buy from you for various reasons: proximity, you’re on a sale, and temporary convenience factors. But that guy, your soul mate customer, is a lot easier to transform him into a loyal customer.

Know what you are looking for

Knowing exactly who is going to buy from you is going to help you a lot on focusing your marketing efforts and communication strategy on attracting that type of client. If you have figured out what your ideal customer wants, how old he is, where he lives and what he is interested in, then your job is going to be a lot easier.

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