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If you want to sell more, than you should start thinking about cross-selling. It really is one of the best ways to increase your company’s income.

Just imagine you own an online shop that sells electronics like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and so on. One day a customer accesses your website and searches for a laptop. After he finds the right model, he looks for a laptop case but he can’t find it. Then he opens another tab and searches for that case on the Internet. Tens of commercials are haunting him all over his screen… laptop sales, 50% discount; he clicks on one of them, he buys… and you’ve lost him forever.

Now that we identified a real problem that can happen any time for most of the online sales, here is the wonder-working solution: cross-selling!

What is cross-selling?

Cross-selling is a marketing technique in which complementary products are suggested to consumers while they are in the process of buying. It works great because the consumer is already prepared to buy something, so it’s easier to suggest buying additional products.

Taking advantage of their “buying mindset”, your product suggestions should focus on providing solutions for several problems related to the products they searched for. Therefore, stop assuming their problems and start selling… laptops, cases, laptop chargers, webcams, microphones, laptop cleaning tissues… you got the point.

Diversify your product range

If your business includes selling products online, I strongly suggest diversifying your product range. Scan competitor’s websites and create a list of all the products that they are selling. It really can’t hurt having similar products for sale and even more than what they have. At least you ensure that customers won’t leave your website because they couldn’t find that damn case!

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