Digital Newsletters: The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

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Digital Newsletters: The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Back when social networking was non-existent, digital newsletters reigned supreme in the internet marketing arena. And although the new kids on the block such as Facebook and Twitter, appear to be the hippest in town, contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still surviving and thriving.Yet with all of the green-grass opportunities where you can plant and cultivate content, you might be wondering if the older medium is a good investment. Hence, weighing the pros and cons of email marketing would be a safe call.


Just like you would when you need to send both good and bad news to someone, let’s start with the bad news. The following are some of the most commonly observed disadvantages of email marketing:

They can get too spammy

Perhaps the most notable of all that is annoying about e-newsletters is the fact that most of them end up being spammy, that even the receiver’s own email server detects it, and/or mistakes it for one. Whether it acutally is or not is besides the fact; when newsletters get too bulky in distribution, you’re in trouble. In some cases, the receiver manually places them in the spam folder, which clearly tells you your newsletter is ignored or considered a pest. A lot of unwanted advertisers also manage their way in people’s email addresses, and this makes it even harder to keep afloat from the sea of bulk mails if yours do end up in one. Read on how to avoid getting spammed.

There is limited room for creativity

With all the mails received everyday by potential and existing customers, it is quite hard to get their attention, and quite easy for them to click “Delete”, “Send to Spam Folder”, or “Unsubscribe”. Therefore the newsletter has to be immediately striking and consistently engaging. Since newsletters tend to be sent on a regular basis, creative juices in keeping the subscriber interested and engaged might get quickly sucked out dry.

Glitches in the system can hurt your brand

There are cases wherein a subscriber decides to unsubscribe and still receives newsletters. Other times they get it in an unsolicited way, such as in sites where they are left with no other option but to indicate their email address. Whichever the case, it destroys your image.


Despite the downsides of this marketing strategy, sending out digital newsletters also garner good results. Here are the advantages:

It is easily accessible

Almost everyone check their emails everyday, and this alone makes for good exposure and instant communication between you and your customers. Since sending out emails is fast and efficient, information reaches your target instantaenously and directly in a one-on-one setting.

It helps establish and maintain customer-brand relationships

Since subscription is mandatory prior to receiving newsletters, it is more likely that your marketing efforts are reaching people who are already interested in your product or services. Your existing subscribers are also more likely to stick around with your regular updates of special offers, discounts, and whatnot. Likewise, with the newly subscribed individuals looking forward to what you have to offer, email marketing opens a huge door for you to introduce your brand and what you are all about. This is a good chance to build your image and eventually create loyalty, if you are able to grab and keep their interests consistently.

It has a broad audience reach

According to this inforgraphic article, 93% of content are shared via email, and is the highest among other channels. Although social networks sell like hotcakes nowadays, surprisingly, content sharing is still more preferred by way of emailing. Moreover, another study shows that email marketing is the highest sales generator during the holiday season, among other platforms.


With all of these laid out in perspective, the question to be asked now is: do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? You decide. Whether it is more beneficial than perilous or the other way around, remains a blank canvas for you to work on. But if you do decide to paint your art with an email marketing brush, make sure you take precautions in order to avoid getting splattered with the cons.

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