Expanding Your Audience: Guest Posting

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“Instantly” grow your audience by crafting articles as a guest to other known online publications.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is an online phenomenon which translated in a normal language sounds something like “writing an article for a publication as guest”, hence not as a team member of a certain publication. In this article I’ll cover only online publications, as my experience is limited to the online work environment.

Sometimes guest posting can be a recurring activity, an online magazine or a blog can have constant articles from the same “guests”, usually because of the relationship built between the writer and the publication, and also due to the same (or completely different) points of view upon the written pieces, that can keep visitors interested on what the publication broadcasts.

Also, it could help maintaining consistency in the publishing schedule, filling the “gaps”, the free spots in the editorial calendar.

So why guest post?

Why would someone post articles on sites that they aren’t affiliated with? Well, for first, it’s a way for an author to build his personal brand, gain experience and get known.

When you’re new in the writers world, it takes time and effort to get your work published. And since guest posting usually doesn’t involve any money, it’s the simplest, most affordable way to build a reputation.

Secondly, it benefits the writer, by making the readers curious about the author or the subject and generating traffic & interest towards the writer’s blog or business. Usually an article, based on the discussed subjects, includes some links that can benefit a certain business, bringing visitors to a point of interest that the writer is affiliated with. This is a search-engine-optimization technique (SEO) that is highly used today, sometimes even overused. When the sole purpose of a guest post is to drive visitors to some other website, the quality of the article is seldom high.

Guest posting is not a “thing” for beginner writers. It is a great way to expand your audience, making meaningful relationships along the way. I’ve read some very interesting guest posts, so never take it as “I’m too famous, I don’t do guest writing”. It’s purely an opportunity to try out something new that can benefit everyone.

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