Four people, Three days, One plan

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Monitive - Four people, Three days, One plan

Our latest workation taught us that we must work as a team, but cover two fronts: monitoring websites, while increasing our customer’s know-how. Find out what happened in only three days that drew clear lines for our future.

Recently we decided to expand our company and welcome a new intern who in the near future may be in charge of running the Marketing Department, and also be responsible for creating useful content – marketing related – for our readers.

This expansion gave us a brilliant idea: to organize a workation that will help us create a new communication strategy and get acquainted with our intern.

Considering the fact that one of our favorites quotes is: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”, we didn’t wasted too much time and started planning our mini-trip to Gyula, a small historical city in Hungary – near its eastern border. The plan was simple: four people, three days, one plan (and also four laptops, and one car). These were all the needed logistics. The rest was supposed to be spontaneous and so it was.


We got to Hungary, quickly unpacked and went for a walk around the city. Cold weather, small buildings, great food and a tiny touch of late European autumn gave us a storm of ideas.

When we arrived at the hotel, we already knew that lots of things were waiting to be debated. But discussing important subjects late in the evening was not an option, so we switched to relaxation mode and started chit-chatting and playing board games. Our illustrator was winning so many times that our ego started turning, from game to game, into a grumpy ego and eventually sent us to catch some sleep.


By disconnecting ourselves from our daily tasks – no emailing, no urgent calls and especially no fixed working hours – allowed us to operate at our very best. Here are the main things that we’ve managed to achieve in one day:

A team overview for our new intern, and also a checkpoint for the rest of our team: introducing individual skills – checked; individual and team objectives – checked; new tips and tricks – checked; improvement level – high. Then we analyzed which from of our abilities can be put to work for better results and also for building effective professional relationships.

A successful brainstorming that gathered tons of ideas, which crossed our minds, regarding all Monitive’s ‘departments’: service development, business strategy, customer care, marketing, visual goodies, and content. We were one hundred per cent flexible, as a group, and took into consideration everybody’s ideas – from unity comes strength.

Highlighted that an important step in decision making is also about debating and voting which ideas stand and which ones are dropped off. We’ve managed to select the best ones and prioritize them according to our vision, mission and values, so that in the end the winning pieces of our business puzzle are our clients.

Drew clear lines for Monitive’s medium term strategy and planned get.smarter’s editorial calendar.


Having all the needed information, the enlightenment occurred. A master plan has been shaped and we need to direct all of our efforts towards making it a reality. For now, we can tell you that our magazine is transforming into a major source of information and inspiration for our readers. Our content will approach business, marketing, copywriting, branding, development and operations, system administration, user interface, user experience, personal development, social media and others. And, we’ve planned to delighted our readers with astonishing illustrations and infographics, many of their kind being already in progress.

We will be extremely involved in keeping a close relationship with our social media followers through different channels such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Our social media goal being that of promoting bidirectional communication and constant feedback from all our followers.


We realized that an organized workation is one of the best solutions for doing highly productive work without being interrupted by daily tasks and we will probably do this more often.

At the end of this workation, our conclusion was obvious: we’re going to do everything within our grasp to make the Internet a better place for everyone, by fighting on two fronts:
Monitive – monitoring websites so that we can save our customers time, money and reputation
Get.Smarter – increasing our customers’ know-how through relevant information, respecting the trends and also going old-school and talking about the basics.

Well informed individuals will take smart decisions and, hopefully, contribute in making the world a better place.

P.S. The Candy Eye Illustration is crafted with love by our awesome Marcela.

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