Healing The Work Environment – Part I: Introduction

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With a continuous expansion of the Internet, today it’s more substantial than ever to understand and improve the ways and the means through which we’re collaborating. Perhaps you didn’t even realized it, but the online environment is not doing great and it needs some care and affection!

Maybe I’m that one guy – grumpy all the time, complaining about everything, next to whom nobody sits in the cafeteria, playing Twister all by himself, listening to Celine Dion while driving to work, and in weekends is taking long walks in the forest yelling out all of his frustrations. My guess – I’m not! Actually, I’m a very positive person, smiling all the time, offering constructive criticism, surrounded by many friends, playing board games with other fanatics, listening to Celine Dion and many others, and in weekends … well, that’s just a personal thing, ain’t it?!

Grab a chair, be sure to have enough sugar around, cause I’m going to give you lemons… a lot of them. I’m going to let out all my frustrations but in a constructive manner, and hopefully you’ll learn something from this entire story.

So what’s the deal with “Healing the online work environment?”


3000 BC – Don’t work without gratifications!
The pyramids were built (probably). A pharaoh, handling a whip above his minions. That’s it! That’s the 3000 BC Work Environment. A dictator, no payment, just a fraction of food and water, small chances to get out of it alive. Don’t work without a gratification!

49 BC – Think about your actions!
An amazing entrepreneur, a.k.a. Gaius Julius Caesar, led nations and taught the entire world about the power of teamwork. His imperious ways aren’t the best example, however… his results were fantastic.

30-33 AD – Don’t be a sheep!
The most famous influencer made his presence felt. Yes, I’m talking about the one, the only Jesus Christ Superstar. And I’m not saying this as an offence, but more in the real meaning of the word ‘superstar’. He really was, that if he really existed. However the stories are real, existing even from that period, influencing so many people… and they still do. Unfortunately, this story involves a Shepherd and many sheep, and I really want to highlight the necessity of thinking for yourself.

Let’s jump ahead shall we?

1300 AD – Loosen up!
During the Renaissance, people learned the importance of fun (at least let’s pretend that). Even if societies weren’t evolved as much as today, and Middle Age wasn’t over, man discovered how to be more flamboyant. Relaxation was a real thing.

1900 AD – Dare!
Now this one I like: Arts and Crafts Movement. People became more and more engaged in the entrepreneurial and freelancing ways. One learned from the other and the world flourished. The people living during this period gave birth to many great minds, the first notable generation full of influencers.

Today – Get smarter!


What changed? Everything and nothing. When referring to the possibilities of communicating, collaborating, remotely accessing skills and resources… we must admit that everything has changed. But if we’re going to put under the magnifier glass the ‘how?’, the ‘who?’, and the ‘why?’… almost nothing has changed. People are still working in chaotic ways, without great leadership, for achieving an individual’s interests (the man) and not for the good of many.

My dear reader, in the following weeks we’ll have a chance to know each other better. Together we’ll try to understand what must be changed, so that all of us we’ll be part of a better online environment. I’ll share conclusions drawn from my past experiences and you’ll get to know some ideas of my awesome colleagues (through a blitz interview):

Question: Just like in social media, where words are often on a budget, could you describe yourself in a sentence?

Luci: Entrepreneur, dreamer and doer, all while having fun and building relationships.

Marcy: I feel like there are two persons living inside me and I hope to befriend both of them.

Alina: I am a strategist, always thinking 3 steps ahead, planning to achieve thinking 4 steps ahead.

Here are some future articles insights:

  • the concept of work 2.0
  • having fun at work
  • the future of Internet – the future of You
  • what team leader should focus on
  • what team members should focus on
  • how a team can work better
  • top services to enhance the work experience

There you have it…

…a colossal subject for colossal minds! After going through all of the above, hopefully we’ll be able to conclude something… hopefully…

Join me in this quest, trying to unlock the mysteries of working together for a greater good, the one true purpose. We’ll learn about the next baby-step, which humanity is already taking it without even knowing. If we won’t get better, if we won’t get smarter… the next Middle Age is just around the corner!

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