How to start out with Google AdWords

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You built it. Now what?

You’re done. It’s live. It works like a charm. Now you only need one thing. What’s that? Well, customers, users. The actual people that will use your product or service. You know?

So where to get them from?

Well, there are dozens of channels that you can go for. But, in my opinion, the first thing to set-up, and highly efficient, will be a Pay-Per-Click campaign within Google Adwords. Because nothing beats a system that gives people that are looking for something like your product, an actual ad ABOUT your product. At that exact moment. And it gets better: you only pay if they click your ad. And you get a huge flexibility in targeting. Country, interests, keywords, time-of-day, device. Google Adwords is THE tool for your advertising efforts.

Whoa! Let’s dive head-in.

Not just yet. Although Adwords is a great tool for promoting your product, it will also burn through your marketing budget like fireworks on a New Year’s midnight.

Google’s main focus is to make a lot of money, but not anyway it can. It wants to do that by delivering value to advertisers and users (who see the ad) at the same time. It will try to maximize the money it takes from you by maximizing the efficiency of your advertising campaigns. It has conversion optimizations and a lot of gimmicks to send you as many qualified customers as possible, so that you can make a lot of money, so that they can get a lot of money from you. And so on. It’s win-win. It’s just like a person will come to you and say “Hey, we’re going to make a lot of money together. I’m going to do my best to send you as many customers as possible and you’ll pay me as fair as possible”.

Budgets and bidding

Start your Adwords adventure with a fixed budget and always research beforehand. There are a lot of articles out there about properly creating Adwords campaign, about tweaking and keeping an eye on things, so that you won’t burn through your marketing budget without getting qualified leads.

Read a book

My personal recommendation would be to read a good book about Adwords, and while reading it, take notes about what you have to research (things like keywords for your product, niche, competition etc), and by the end of the book you should have your advertising campaigns up and running smoothly.

It’s not “set-up and forget”

Adwords is not a thing you set up and go on about your day. You should be checking back weekly if not daily to see what’s going on, what new keywords are triggering your ads, what works and what doesn’t, to adjust bidding and try new things. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and keeping an eye on your Pay-per-click campaigns is a must! Adwords can have a huge ROI or could “sink your ship”. It’s up to you. No pressure, right? It’s like that saying “With great power comes great responsibility”, and Google Adwords is no exception to that.

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