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Innovation-technology-passion is a product of passion and necessity. It was born from the need to have website monitoring services for every site owner out there, no matter if it’s blog or a company presentation website. And one of its goals is to offer free internet monitoring for everyone. More technical features will however require a fee in order to maintain the services cost.

Monitive aims to have and to use the most check locations around the world, so no matter what country you’re in there will be several cities around you that will be available to periodically and automatically check your website for troubles. Forever free, of course. And by ‘troubles’, we mean not only downtime, but also slow response, nameserver problems and lots of other aspects that a site owner usualy doesn’t know about. With the vast majority of website hosting options, it’s generally really hard to figure out a professional service from a novice.

Also, Monitive is designed to reach it’s goals of lending a hand to web owners/webmasters by efficiently utilizing resources, so the whole system is self-maintainable. Users should not carry the burdens of high prices for the basic tasks of checking a website. People are not required for our services to be running.

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