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Making plans without checking the stages of their execution is like going for a cave expedition without having the proper equipment.

It could be fun, but you will not see the bats heading towards you. An internal marketing control is a must when it comes to achieving goals within deadlines. Find out how to control the execution of a marketing plan, in various stages.

Continuing the previous article about the marketing audit which should be conducted before planning a marketing strategy, this type of control refers to the research carried at different stages of execution.

By “internal marketing control” I’ll refer to the marketing control conducted within a company by internal employees not by external sources.

So, you have the information you need for preparing a feasible strategy, you know exactly who your target audience is, what your competition is up to, what kind of resources and advantages your company has, you took into consideration the advices suggested in the audit, now the next step is assuring that your marketing strategy is properly implemented.

An external source, which has strong expertise in your specific field, can check objectively if your marketing plan is on the right path, if everybody is doing their best efforts and also if some changes are needed. But at the implementation stage, it can be pretty risky to outsource this function. Alternatively to an external audit, you can go with internal marketing control, and it should examine the following three major aspects:

  1. The Marketing Plan. The internal marketing control should check if the plan is being implemented the right way. There are key-steps that can’t be skipped or forgotten within a marketing plan, so a strict control can examine if every step is being followed according to the instructions.
  2. The people responsible. Delegating tasks could be an easy step in the marketing plan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the people in charge are actually doing what they are supposed to do. In some cases, additional stuff is needed.
  3. Competition. There is a high probability for your competition to react to your marketing actions, at a certain point . If you lower the price, they could lower it too. If you diversify your communication channels, don’t be surprised to see them online. If the plan was properly made, then having reactions from your competition is a sign that you are on the right path.

I consider the internal marketing control a very helpful tool that ensures the decision makers that everything is going according to the plan. If the audit is an external research and keeps an objective view upon the company, the internal control must also try to provide an objective perspective.

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