Key Elements That Make For A Well-Rounded LinkedIn Page

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LinkedIn brings together hundreds of millions of professionals from all over the world, and being present on LinkedIn is a must for both businesses and professionals.

Most people think that LinkedIn is a page utilized by individuals looking to be hired – which is in part, largely true. However, LinkedIn is also a great marketing and networking platform for your company’s business page. Much like a prospective hire, there is a lot to gain by creating a company page on this platform.

Think about it: LinkedIn has 175 million members from all over the world and over 2 million of those are company accounts. It’s just like Facebook – teeming with opportunities to market your wares, connect with other great companies and individuals, and be in the radar of awesome people who will make a great addition to your company.

Having said that, creating a company page on LinkedIn is not enough. You’re sharing the space with two million other companies, and with this figure competition is always present. What you need to come up with is a well-rounded LinkedIn page that resonates the attractive and admirable qualities of your company much better than that of your competitors. Here are some key elements you need to focus on to achieve that:


Company Branding – Big, Bold and Banner-Ready

First of all, your cover image must be optimized to make it easily recognizable. It must be of high quality for it to be eye-catching. Be warned though, that this does not mean just because you already have a Facebook page you should just copy your logo from that social media account to LinkedIn; rather, create a high resolution version of your logo that fits both the banner part of your LinkedIn page and a smaller, square one that appears with each update you make to your page. These images are even better if they are linked to your company website; make sure the links are working correctly.

Product Presentation: Make It Worth a Second (and Third, and Fourth) Glance

There is a positive correlation between how your products are presented on LinkedIn and the number of members who visit your website: the more attractive your products are, the more LinkedIn members end up visiting your company page. To do this, highlight whatever recommendations or testimonials you have already collected about your company on LinkedIn’s Products & Services section. Double up your efforts by kindly requesting your loyal and satisfied clients to make recommendations of your products on the Request Recommendation module of the page.

Do the Rounds: High Visibility is Key!

For high visibility to be achieved, ‘searchability’ becomes the name of the game. To go about this, the strategy that you need to apply is to embed just the right keywords in a natural manner – and by this, we mean the language that your targeted market uses. However, this does not mean you end up showering your content with as many buzzwords or keywords as you can, for this will just make it look unnatural – and people are on to that. Hire a content provider or writer who knows how to tweak words, phrases and sentences in a way that the buzzwords and the name of your company appear in close proximity but in a smooth, fluid manner every time someone does a company search on LinkedIn.

If you are successful enough to have several business locations, then by all means do list them down as well! The business-slash-social networking site has a search criterion function that allows for a maximum of five location options.

In addition, set aside some time and budget for producing a short thirty-second video about your company and your host of offerings. Publish it on YouTube and add that clip to your LinkedIn page. If you craft your video right (meaning you’ve mastered the art of combining attractive visuals with witty, comprehensive and straight to the point text) it will do the job of encouraging even more viewers to follow your account.


Advertisements are a Must

LinkedIn smartly offers advertising options, and these are most definitely worth looking into. Capitalizing on this option can do a lot to expand your follower base. There are several parameters that you can direct your advertisement to (such as location or job title, among others), so study this option well and decide which parameters you ought to target. While this requires you bringing out your wallet, remember that this is an investment worth making as it is proven to be highly effective. That initial expense of signing up for an ad will reap results later on.

Put LinkedIn Buttons on the Company Site

We already know by now that your company needs to be searchable, so now another task to accomplish is for it to be shareable. For this task, social plugins are your tools of choice; it is the fastest and easiest way to share content on different social media platforms. The ‘shareable’ element also translates into directing more visitors from your site to the business page you’ve set up on LinkedIn. There are several buttons to choose from (such as Endorse, Follow, Share or Recommend) to help direct traffic straight to your company’s page. Don’t be too overzealous and add all these buttons, though – just choose maybe two which are important to your business and put them in a strategic place on the website where it will most likely be clicked by your visitors.

Maximize LinkedIn Insights

Another important aspect of developing a well-rounded LinkedIn page includes the use of LinkedIn Insights. Its exhaustive nature opens you up to key impressions that can be broken down on different bases such as per post, demographics on followers, user engagement, and many more.

LinkedIn Insights should be part of your efforts to step up your business page if you are utilizing targeted posts in order to widen your audience base. Furthermore, Insights is a great opportunity for you, the company owner, to get to know your audience better and find out how you can best cater to their various needs. Another plus of using LinkedIn Insights is the ability to monitor exactly how and in what increments of dividends your efforts generate as a result.


Make a LinkedIn Company Group

It’s easy to get the conversational ball rolling among your followers by using the LinkedIn Groups feature. Create a group that your followers can be a part of to pool them together and get them to interact with you and with each other. This is a great way of answering questions and addressing concerns about your company or product that they might have. As an added bonus, this can also help further develop your authority in the industry your business belongs to if you maintain regularity of your comments and posts on the LinkedIn company group.

Calendar Your Efforts Like Clockwork

Once people follow your page, they open themselves up to a bevy of useful, interesting and informative content that you task yourself with providing – all geared towards gaining their trust in your brand. As such, ensure that the posts, comments and helpful tips you provide are done regularly.

When it comes to sharing information, always ask yourself whether the content you post will keep your target market engaged and results in positive publicity for your brand. When you comment, see to it that you always maintain a positive tone even when addressing criticism. Remember, people will shape the character of your brand or company based on how you react and respond to their comments, both good and bad. Show them that you consistently handle comments in a positive, proactive and professional manner and not like you are desperate to please. Always double check your would-be response to a particularly testy comment; you can even go so far as to check with your team to evaluate whether the tone and wording is fair, polite and straight to the point before publishing it.


To summarize…

…here is an at-a-glance task list to ensure that you address the elements of a well-rounded LinkedIn page:

  • Create an attractive, high resolution company logo that links to your website when clicked
  • Collate product recommendations and testimonials and place these prominently on the page
  • Create content that has a healthy balance of keywords and natural language for prime visibility, including video shorts
  • Invest in an ad placement and decide which parameters ought to be targeted
  • Choose two or three LinkedIn buttons for the company webpage
  • Study information on LinkedIn Insights and work out future marketing strategies based on what you’ve learned
  • Establish a LinkedIn group for followers and manage it
  • Schedule a routine for publishing social media posts that will be highly appreciated by your followers

And Remember – It Will Take Some Time

Just like Rome, building a well-rounded LinkedIn page will take more than a day to do so. These elements require a lot of brainstorming on your part because everything that you put out there must be for the good of both your brand and your clientele. It will probably take several designs and revisions before you finally settle on the best one, but trust that it will be worth all the effort in the long run.

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