Meet Marcela, the awesome illustrator

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Marcela Borhan

Marcy Away“If you build it, they will come.” Wrong! So many people built so many things in the last decade alone, that the 24-hour day is just insignificant to most people to try out or even click the subject of most newsletters that land in their mailbox.

There are litterally hundreds of millions of products and services in the world. You never ever even hear about most of them during your lifetime.

This is why I believe that every service has to have two main qualities. First, is to “simply, just work”. Sounds easy, but this bundles in all the user interaction, performance and usability of the product. And it’s not that easy to build simple things – see Apple products. Secondly, it has to stand out. To really stand out. Whether it is a magazine, a cable TV subscription or a monitoring service, there’s no room for sloppiness. It has to look great, be consistent and must send out its message clear and easy to understand.

This is why we on-boarded Marcela Borhan, our very own illustration artist. The fact that you can easily recognize a Monitive blog post by its feature image is her doing. Marcela is a skilled, hard-working illustrator that puts words into pictures. Pictures that tell a story rather than pouring numbers on your screen. You can check out some of her work on iStock.

At Monitive, by monitoring thousands of websites and services, we learned a great deal about uptime and downtime, and their various particularities throughout the world. We learned what are the common reasons for service failure, response times and what to do to improve them. I – as a founder – learned what’s it like to run a business, to bring value to our customers and to keep it going year after year.

With Marcela’s help, we’ll synthesize all the information to bring you the essence, the takeaway that will improve your business and your life.

Welcome Marcela! And thank you!

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