Monitive on steroids

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Monitive on steroids

Hello everyone! The summer is finally here and so are a lot of new things going around at Monitive.

We’ve been pretty silent lately, and not because we’ve been lazy, but on the contrary, we’ve been really busy with a lot of things, among which we’ve developed and launched over 6 new features that you may or may not have noticed.

We’ve also moved to a new office, larger and quiescent, with a big green grass yard, where all the awesomeness will be happening, at least for the next year. Oh, and we couldn’t find furniture on our taste, so we went to IKEA and pimped it up in black and white.

Among our marketing efforts, we’re currently working on a bi-monthly newsletter that will contain updates, interesting posts, tips and visuals. Since Monitive is the kind of service that you don’t usually sign into every day, unless there are issues, it only seemed natural to send the interesting and important stuff right into your inbox.

So you’ll be hearing from us more frequently from now on, because there are a lot of things happening in and around Monitive. We’ve tried a lot of tools for making work more organized, some of them worked, some of them failed miserably, and some just need minor adjustments to be actually useful. But more on that later.

We had some “adventures” with several hosting companies that host our monitoring network. As you can imagine, making a highly reliable uptime monitoring service that relies on some not-so-highly-reliable hosting providers can be quite a challenge. Running a distributed SaaS brings up a lot of lessons learned, all of which I’m more than happy to share, because I truly believe in each ones contribution to making the Internet a better place.

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