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Sometimes you just have to pay to get what you want. That’s how traffic works. You can let your imagination run wild, but we are talking about online traffic here.

I consider outbound marketing all the advertising and exposure that one pays for.

Outbound marketing is the way in which traditional advertising used to work. All the TV commercials, radio ads, flyers, banners, billboards and outdoor advertising, celebrity endorsement, or outbound sales calls are basically paid and to some extent intrusive.

Once the Internet started to raise the opportunity for online marketing and advertising, outbound marketing made its way with the following:

  • Banner and display ads
  • Paid search and search spam
  • Interstitial pages
  • Interstitial video ads
  • Pop-ups and pop-unders
  • Social media advertising
  • Paid/rented e-mail lists
  • Paid app reviews
  • Contextual ads
  • Forum comment and UGS Spam

For all the above, the equation is very simple: money equals traffic, no money no traffic.

I’m not the biggest fan of outbound marketing, but there are times in which one does what one’s gotta do: pay for exposure!

For example, the launching of a new company or a new product is very hard to almost impossible to spread without paid advertising. Or maybe there are news that must be spread at short notice…well, no one is going to help you for free! Business is business.

Outbound Marketing and the competition

There are also big companies that have tight competition on the market. Deciding to cut off the budget for outbound marketing can be a risky choice that can get one out of the business. If your competition pays for display ads and runs a smart-aggressive marketing campaign, then you should pay close attention to what happens.

Don’t wait until all your customers are gone! Start thinking about types of outbound marketing that can work for you.

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