Product Placement as a Great Alternative to Ads

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Throwing money out the window on traditional advertising through TV ads and gaining only audience’s irritation can be easily avoided by planning a smart product placement strategy.

If you just started a new business, product placement is what you should be doing right now!

This is a practice frequently used by brands that want to get exposure in TV shows, movies, and recently, on social media. The large audience provided by these communication channels is the perfect place for exhibiting your products’ characteristics.
If you’re wondering why is this technique better than traditional advertising through TV commercials, here are two answers.

First, TV commercials are annoying! They interrupt people’s favorite TV program, there are many ads that don’t target the right audience and bore to death those three people that watch them, plus the prices you pay for seeing your ad on TV can be way too expensive, especially for a start-up.

Secondly, the audience that is watching a TV program or a movie, or even following an influencer on social media, has already selected that specific program, movie or person because they like them, and, hopefully, also trust them. So, placing a product in a trustworthy environment, being used by attractive and reliable celebrities is the exact kind of exposure a brand needs.

It’s all about the context

In order to be successful, product placement needs to be placed in a favorable context. It’s not enough to just put your product in a corner and expect the audience to see it and evoke desire for it; it has to be requested, needed, used, talked about and so on. The greater the number of marketing actions, the higher the chances for succeeding.

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