Salt and Pepper in Startup Branding

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The best thing about inventing a new recipe is that there are no rules. The only thing is that it has to be tasty! Make the branding of your startup as tasty as you can!

There are tons of information on the Internet about branding. Starting with the analysis of the “ancient” example of Coca Cola, up to nowadays – Apple, everybody has something to say, something to comment or an advice to give.

From my point of view, there is no real recipe for a successful branding, you just have to see it like cooking based on an invented recipe. You just add the ingredients and see how the food tastes. If it needs more salt, you add some. If you added too much, next time you should be careful.

So what’s the salt of and pepper of startup branding?

The Salt

The salt represents the basics you need for making things taste good. Of course you need a recognizable name, some modern logo, the catchy phrase in which you try to encompass your values, but adding sensorial branding with lots of colors, shapes, tastes, a unique smell, and many more, can also make your brand distinguishable among tens of similar ones.

The real “salt” comes from mixing all the ingredients and still keeping a cohesive direction.

The Pepper

It’s not only about the pepper, it’s about all the spices that come into the food. A small gossip released in the press can be the pepper’s touch, but a mind-blowing event would be the chilly you need for an intense pleasure of your taste buds. Lemons, mint, oregano, basil and the others are all the advertising and marketing efforts that come with branding.

Keep cooking

Usually, I will tell you to make your homework and think about all the ingredients that you start-up needs, but now, I must admit there is no rule. Add, extract, try and try again. The only way of experiencing successful branding is by “doing it yourself” and see what works. Just remember to put tasty ingredients!

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