September Updates: Continental Locations, Customer Support and more

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In the last few weeks we’ve been busy with mainly two things. One is a new Pricing strategy that I’m eager to get out as soon as possible, because it will over-simplify everything. I stand by my aim to make Monitive as simple to use as possible. Thus, having a simple as f#ck Pricing will support simplicity. Soon you’ll see what’s that all about. The second main thing is our ongoing work at squelching bugs and sorting out issues. So here’s what went down:

  • New Feature: Continental Locations. We had reliability issues when a customer selected only 4-5 monitoring locations, because if – by any chance – those locations were down, the monitoring would turn out unreliable. And, believe me, servers go down more often than we’d like. So now you can edit any monitor and select where it is checked from. 
  • Admin: upon several questions “Where’s your monitoring network IP list” we added a link in the footer to the monitoring locations list, with hostname and IPs.
  • Infrastructure update: we added new monitoring locations in Istanbul and Dallas, and we had an IP change for the Atlanta node. We have sent notifications about this change, but we’re repeating ourselves just to make sure you’re aware of them.
  • Storage: we’ve extended our MongoDB storage to several servers, to increase availability. 
  • Customer Support: Zendesk brought too much overhead for both us and our customers, so we ditched it in favor of Groove, which is much simpler and does the job like a charm. All contact requests turn into tickets without extra hassle for anyone.
  • Customer Support: added live chat to both our presentation website and admin/account area. Look for the chat popup in the lower right corner of any page and get in touch with us. We’re the chatty kind. Oh, and by the way, thanks to Olark for the nice T-Shirts they’ve sent us. Too bad the live chat doesn’t have a video feed. 
  • Fixed: email alert contacts were limited to 50 characters. That obviously didn’t played along with Basecamp’s project emails such as project-9999999-e7f0……………[email protected] that are about 54 characters long. So now you can have longer emails.
  • Fixed: SMTP and IMAP monitors were neither considered up nor down if we received timeouts while talking to them. Now they’re either up or down. No more uncertainty here. 
  • Fixed: during an outage, the uptime timetable chart in the Admin area displayed the timeframe as UP, when it is clearly down. It is now displaying the downtime correctly. 
  • Fixed: reset password functionality wasn’t working after Mailchimp’s WordPress plugin decided to stop working. Ditched the plugin, since we didn’t really need it anyway, and reset password is now working just fine.

Aside from these, we’ve launched and experimented around with some landing pages, but I’ll show and tell all about that in a future post. 

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