The new face of Monitive: Heimdall

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We’ve been a little bit too quiet for a while regarding our blogging activities, but not because we’ve been lazy or something, but because we’ve been working on several great things that will unfold in the following weeks. The Internet is changing quite fast, along with technologies that rapidly evolve and adapt to a bigger, faster and more portable web, quickly absorbing entire industries in it’s path.

That being said, we’re proud to present the new face of Monitive:

Monitive Hemdall Homepage

Codenamed Heimdall, the new Monitive expresses exactly what we believe in: simplicity and efficiency. We have a bunch of great stories to tell on how we got to the new Monitive, and we’re eager to share them all. Heimdall, in the Scandinavian mythology, is the all-seeing eye, just like Monitive is determined to watch all of our customer’s websites, making sure everything is up and running smoothly.

First, a new identity. Pastel colors, white space and the essentials right in front of you. Second, a new quick-test, country-oriented and adapted for both desktops and mobile devices. As well as the rest of the website.

A quick tour, an extensive feature list and new pricing plans are just a few of our fresh touches to our presentation website.

The Goldkeeper

But this is not just a pretty face, all of this has been carefully crafted to gratefully precede the launch of a new, unique and exclusive feature. We named it Goldkeeper but we’re not going to spoil the surprise just yet. What can I say so far is that it is the first and only of it’s kind. And it saves money, increases reputation and improves conversions.


Along with the new identity of Monitive, we’re launching a fresh online publication named get.smarter that will have the sole purpose of share knowledge on various topics, from UX and DevOps to personal improvement and time management. Because it is our duty and vision to make the world a better place, and when I say “the world”, I’m referring to the Internet, which is evolving into a full-blown ecosystem, with its own rules, problems and advantages.

The administration area is all cleaned up as well and adapted to our new image.

I’m very eager to get your opinion on our work, so please don’t be shy and send us your thoughts by using the feedback form available in the footer of every page. And I mean every and any page, because that’s how important is feedback to us.

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