Things To Know About The Revised Google Quality Scores

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Things To Know About The Revised Google Quality Scores

Quality-LevelFor Google AdWords users, quality score is one of the most important things they must have. It is also an indicator of how much quality the keyword you have used is. It allows for their ads to appear higher, so it is a must that the score is always high. Recently, Google announced changes regarding the scoring system, and although it isn’t confusing, it would be better to explain how different it is from before.

The updated scoring system utilizes the numerical values 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest. The score depends on three things: ‘clickthrough’ rate, ad relevance and the landing page experience. The way the scores are calculated is no different; however, there are changes about the way they would report it. It could have a big impact on advertisers, though not too seriously.

Clickthrough Rate

The quality scores, as mentioned above, are calculated based on the three factors. It is important to take note of all these to have a higher quality score and ad placement. The clickthrough rate is acquired through matching the keywords to the content of the ad. The metric for this is taken based on the match of the keyword. In this case, we are referring to the expected rate only, and not the actual ones.

Ad Relevance

The relevance of the ad is another factor. Ad relevance is the significance of the keywords used in the ad you posted. Before posting or even creating the ad, ask yourself if the keyword you include will show up once a person searches for it or not. If it does, then you have used the right keywords, and that these are relevant to the ad.

Landing Page Experience

Lastly, the landing page experience. The landing page is the website or page that the ad is posted in. The website must be easy to navigate through, and is designed properly. Be sure that the contents of the website are divided appropriately, and add contents that are useful to all the readers. It may seem as if it does not have any bearing with regards to how an ad appears on Google, but it actually has a big impact on it.

All three factors are combined to calculate the quality score of an ad. Google says that the revised system does not affect the performance of anyone’s account though it affects the visible score, though many would beg to differ; there were some who believe that their rankings decreased after the change. Google further said that the revised quality score system would make it more convenient for advertisers to adjust their ads to something that works to increase their placement.

Ads that have high quality scores need not change anything, because their scores are calculated differently. These changes have been rolled out to the world already, and there is no turning back for Google. The quality score affects many things in your account such as the following:

  • Ad Auction Eligibility. The higher your quality score is, the easier it is for you to enter the auction for ads. It is also cheaper than normal. The cost-per-click is lowered, so it means that you won’t have to pay as much as before if you have a high quality score.
  • First Page Bid Estimate. The higher your quality scores are, the lower the first page bid is. It means that your ad would appear on the search results easier than if you have a low quality score.

The changes in the Google quality scores may seem to be drastic at first, but it isn’t really that different from what you have seen in the past. In fact, the changes are more positive than not, especially as the changes made were all made for the advertisers’ benefits.

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