Unique Selling Proposition is The One Promise You Have to Keep

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There are lots of sharks in the ocean and you really want to succeed. Guess what? Promising more and more can drag you down faster than a late winter avalanche.

Here comes the unique selling proposition to get you out of trouble. The American author, Seth Godin, once made the following statement:

“Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.”

I say he’s right! Starting from this point of view, I will only make a small adjustment and say:

“Making one promise and keeping it is a great way to build a brand.”

And voila…this is the only thing you need to remember about the unique selling proposition. But how do you know which is the one promise you have to make and keep?

A brand nowadays is in a permanent competition with thousands of other brands from all around the world. Everybody promises a lot of things. Some say that their product is cheaper, softer, shiner, better smelling and so on. And most of the times, they say all that in one selling proposition. So many promises confuse the customer and also make him skeptical.

What should matter to you is standing out from the crowd and start reflecting on the things that make your customers return to you over and over again. If you just started a business, it’s a perfect moment to decide which quality is going to make your prospective customers fall in love with you.

It sounds hard, but try to be one-of-a-kind!

Remember that “¼ moisturizing cream from Dove”? It’s the unique selling proposition that copywriter David Ogilvy invented decades ago and it seems to be working great even at this moment. Promised and delivered, all along the way, but also craved by Dove customers. Remember any other “¼ moisturizing cream”? No, right?

Having so many competitors it’s very highly important to focus your marketing and advertising efforts on one specific promise. It’s easier to deliver, and also a great way to become the best at something, then, hopefully, be recognized for that specific quality.

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