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500 million tweets per day, 40 million users and more than 35 languages spoken. Find out who the twitters are and discover some of Twitter’s basics.

Social media has radically changed the way in which companies and brands interact with their audience. Nowadays, communication is bidirectional, the audience can extract its information from lots of channels, share it with friends and make a content become viral within minutes.

No social media strategy is complete without including one of the most powerful media channels, Twitter. Let’s get a look inside Twitter’s kitchen, understand its audience and how you can make it a useful tool for your business.


Before you post any message on your timeline, it’s vital to know who is using Twitter. Sysomos conducted a research that shed light upon who are those that send 500 million tweets per day.

According to Sysomos research, the top ten countries with the largest number of Twitter users are: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, France, India and South Africa.

Moving to cities, New Yorkers are top Twitter users, followed closely by Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco and Boston inhabitants.

When it comes to their social media behavior, most Twitter users are young metropolitans that keep in touch with the latest news on music, fashion, sports, technology and famous brands. They also interact with friends by posting photos of themselves or short messages.

And now that you know who the largest part of the audience is, you must find your niche and analyze the best strategies about how to establish contact with them.



When creating a proper communication strategy, you must take into consideration several details. First, you must create a clear communication strategy. Second, you should post frequently lots of original content in order to keep the audience engaged. Remember that followers may be in different time zones, so make an effort and schedule post so that everybody can read your content in real time.

  • 140 characters. Let the fun part begin! Write and rewrite your message until you can post only the essence of what you want to communicate. It would be ideal if you can stay under 100 characters because you will be easier to retweet. Remember to shorten your URL by using, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.
  • Follow experts and influencers in your field. Find them using or You can get inspiration, but never copy.
  • Follow competitors, customers, collaborators. So that you can always be up-to-date with the daily events.
  • Hashtags. Include hashtags in your message in order to connect with people interested in a certain topic. Hashtags are for Twitter what keywords are for articles, and also they will make your audience recognize you faster.
  • Mentions. Engage your followers by using @mention in your tweets. If you tweet a link posted by another user, include @mention at the end of your tweet.


Stay Fresh and Focused

You have to be aware that is almost impossible to be an authority in multiple fields. Focusing on one specific industry or a large topic would be the best strategy to attract a large number of followers.

Keep it short, fresh and tasty! Short enough to catch your audience’s attention, always post fresh and original content, latest news, researches or important discoveries. The tasty part should contain inside information, behind the scene pictures and engaging content. Keep in mind that communication goes both ways: you tweet, followers share, reply, then you should answer your followers and @mention them; this is how you keep your community connected.

There is no “10 steps to become an influencer”, but if you are always up-to-date, offer reliable information, stay professional, yet friendly, you might get a shot at becoming an influencer.


For better or worse…

Twitter is a powerful communication channel, free and worldwide accessible, except for China, where Weibo is used, and you have so many reasons to start using it right away. If your audience and customers use Twitter, you and your company have to be there and stay connected to trends, ongoing news and latest gossip from the industry.

Best case scenario: stay true to yourself and your followers, potentially become an influencer, then convert as much as possible from your audience into your customers.

Worst case scenario: don’t take into consideration your followers, don’t create a communication strategy, then you’ll damage your company’s image and also your personal one.

So, use wisely every word and become an important voice in your online community!

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