Using banners to promote your company

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Marketing - Igniting Your Startup

Banners! Banners everywhere! That’s how everyone will know about you, right?

Wrong! As a startup, going all in for banners, you’ll quickly burn through all of your money and that’s it. The end.

The “buck for your bang”

At the startup phase, it’s not like “money isn’t a problem”. You’ll be very careful about in what you’ll put your money into. And yes, your biggest challenge won’t be how to build it, but how you will promote it. In this ocean of products, you have to stand out somehow.

But my opinion is that “banners everywhere” is not the best approach. I’ve had the chance to test this first hand a while ago. And when I say “test this” I mean “throw some money out the window”.

But… But… Publicity is Prosperity!

Yes, it definitely is. But if you’re not launching a local barber’s shop and you have some huge banners to hang above the street, you’ll have to be way smarter than that. The world is a huge place and your marketing efforts can get lost very easy in it, just like a baby in a forest. And boy! Is it a huge forest!


Now, I know how I am and maybe you are too. If someone tells me something but I think it’s the other way around, I’m still going to do it my way. So, that being said, if you can’t help yourself and still go for banners as “the way” to promote your business, be sure to properly target your audience. If your audience is not “males and females, aged zero and up”, choose your ad places very well. An advertiser just can’t wait to get your money and display your banner a gazillion times. Every day. Until you’re dried out.

So, when to use the banners then?

Banners work well for branding. When you’re getting some traction, and you want to hook your brand into people’s minds, AND you have some real money for branding, then by all means, go for banners. Banners will not bring you an instant and direct Return-Of-Investment. You’ll even might not be able to measure the impact of your banner campaign. But banners will make YOUR name pop up into peoples minds when they’re looking for a solution to their problems.

That’s why you don’t even have to include a call to action in your banners. Banners will have one main effect: branding. People will see them, ignore them (mostly), but your brand might just stick in their minds. What’s that? You want them to click your banner? When was the last time you saw a banner and clicked it? How often do you click banners intentionally? I thought so. Not that often.

But wait, there’s hope for you too!

It’s called remarketing. A nifty thing that works like this: After people visited your site but didn’t bought from you or signed up, when they go about their day and browse other websites, they’ll start seeing banners with your brand everywhere! It’s a powerful thing that keeps your potential customers hooked on your brand for as long as you want (and have money for). That way, you show banners to directly interested people only!


If you want to learn more about remarketing, branding, banners and promotion in general, check out our Marketing section. We’ve learned lots of things about what makes a startup grow and we’re eager to share the knowledge with you, our beloved reader. But don’t trust us blindly. Do your research, test, measure and learn whatever works best for your case.

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