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White papers are great opportunities for proving your competence in a specific field. The thing is that you must bring something fresh and appealing.

If you are really good at something, then you should let everybody know! Content marketing is something that a lot of online companies are offering to their customers, but there are only a few that released a white paper. Because releasing white papers requires a lot of hard work and a high level of expertise in a specific field.

Due to the effort put in creating a white paper, in my opinion, they are “the queens of content writing”.

What is a white paper?

A white paper is an in-depth analysis of a specific topic, industry, product or service. The subject that is approached most often is business and the analyses are made on industries development or very specific issues from different business segments.

White paper’s tone is formal and they can be release by experts, companies or government. The general minimum length is 2,500 words.

Proper research is a must when thinking about writing a white paper. The more detailed and professionally conducted the research is, the better are the chances for writing a valuable white paper.

For example, you can write a white paper on the use of solar panels for heating households. If your company sells panels, then your authority in the field will be enhanced not only in the eyes of your potential customers, but also in business-to-business relationships.

Releasing a white paper is no easy job

Don’t ever think about writing one in a hurry, no matter of the quality level at which it was done, because it will jeopardize your company’s image in the eyes of the customers, collaborators, and competition. Take time to conduct an in depth research and provide value by including fresh points of view upon your topic. If your subject is of general interest, then you may have the chance of being widespread in the media.

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