Word of Mouth Marketing as a Great Tool for Promoting a Business

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Too many commercials struggle to catch a bit of attention, but it’s not working all the time.

In fact, this commercial marathon fails most of the times. Word of Mouth Marketing is all about creating stories that people want to share. Read here why word of mouth marketing manages to be a great and inexpensive tool for promoting a business.

Ads, everywhere!

You drive home from work and your road is paved with hundreds of commercial billboards. You don’t really care about them because the traffic is crowded and you have to make the maximum out of your driving skills. Then you get home, start the TV and suddenly a commercial steps in to tell you all about glass lenses. You don’t care at all about glass lenses because your sight is just perfect. Later on, that evening, you have some e-mails to respond to and finding that one e-mail you are searching for in the ocean of unrequested baby shampoos newsletters. It’s like looking for a needle in the haystack.

These types of ads are irritating, they interrupt you and you hate them! Along with the brands that sent them! It’s Candy Crush Saga invitation style (Facebook users know what I mean).


Will you ever tell your friends about those glass lenses or the baby shampoos? Hell no. You will tell them about the products or services that you tried, worked great for you and made you feel confident about recommending them to others. If your recommendation to a friend is a reliable action, then that reliability is transferred upon the product or service.


Brands must learn how to stop pushing too much advertising and start bounding relationships with their customers. A satisfied customer is going to be a strong advocate for a brand that encourages him to talk about a product or a service that made him happier. Besides that, a well-wrapped story it’s easier to be shared than a complete list with product’s benefits.

It’s all about satisfaction

So instead of investing important resources in traditional advertising, brands should focus their attention on satisfying current customers every step of the buying process. Great customer care, great products and services, on-time delivery, excellent post-selling services are all tools for bounding relationships with customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing is a great method for passing news and information, but remember that both news and information can either be positive or negative. A brand should monitor closely where the discussions around it leads. If people talk about how bad they were treated by a call center operator, even though the product is great, there is no better time than right now to take action in resolving the problem.

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