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Monitive is a site uptime monitoring service that periodically checks your sites from all around the world and instantly notifies you when they go down via SMS, email or Twitter DM. It also monitors performance by measuring server connect, transmit and response times, executing automatic diagnosis, sending weekly reports, displaying charts and more.

Sky Watcher

Monitor everything: HTTP(s), FTP, MySQL, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, DNS, PING, Custom TCP Port

We check for most Internet services used today. By sticking with us, you're already planning ahead!

Flash Buzzer

Flash Buzzer

Instant alerting via SMS, Email, Twitter, PagerDuty, HTTP POST

Wherever you are you can safely concentrate on important things, because we'll let you know as soon as there's a problem with one of your services.

Gold Keeper


This is a top-secret feature, really unique and with extra awesomeness.

Side Kicker

Android & iOS Mobile Apps

In today's world, things are happening, and wherever we are, we need to be up and ready to cope with them. Our mobile app enables you to keep an eye on your systems, and get unlimited free Push alerts when problems arise.

Cloud Runner

Nothing to install or download.

Monitive runs in the cloud, so there's nothing to download, install or configure on your systems. Just set up monitoring in your account and you are done.

Uptime Reporter

Uptime Reports

Check out a daily breakdown, monthly and yearly uptime online reporting, with useful charts and timeframe selection options. Both HTML & PDF formats are included in every report.

Performance Reporter

Performance Reports

Watch the evolution of page loading time, as the server it’s hosted on can get overloaded and respond poorly to your visitors, thus destroying your hard-earned reputation.

Shadow Ally

Automated Diagnosis

Only 2 minutes of downtime triggers a diagnosis procedure that checks to see what's wrong with the service by doing nslookup, ping, traceroute and cURL fetching. Be informed when you take the problem to the service provider.

Weakness Locator Mobile

Weakness Locator

Performance Monitoring
(Latency Breakdown)

Page loading time has a huge impact on visitor satisfaction and usability, so be sure to watch out for slow page loading issues. Monitive provides TCP breakdown for latency monitoring and country reports, to see where your sites are loading fastest and slowest.

Aid Scout

Malware Detection

A happy site is a healthy site! This is why Monitive checks all of your websites (HTTP monitored services) for malware, and will instantly notify you as soon as malware is found on your site.


Worldwide Monitoring Network

From the United States to Russia, we check your services from more than 10 countries, including Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Spain and more.


Multi-user system with roles

With the multi-user role system, you can add an unlimited number of users and set permissions for each and every one of them. From read-write to read-only, Monitive helps you keep it all under control.


Custom Locations Monitoring

If your target audience is limited to a part of the world, you can easily have it monitored only from that part of the world.


Public Status Pages

Showcase transparency to your users and display the status of your services — publicly available.


Domain Expiration Monitoring

Don't loose your domain because someone forgot to mention that it is going to expire, we automatically monitor all sites for domain expiration and start sending you notifications up to three days before expiration.


One Minute Interval Automatic Checking

We know it's important to find out as soon as possible when your websites are in trouble; that's why we check your services every minute by default. That’s 1440 times a day for each service!


SSL Certificate Expiration Monitoring

An expired SSL certificate turns into a nasty red alert for every visitor. Monitive helps you by letting you know if your SSL certificate for any monitored website is about to expire soon.


An Awesome Dashboard

Your webserver might be up, but is your site ok? Find out by adding a keyword to look for within the page content.


Custom HTTP Code Check

If - for example - your page is the default CentOS Apache page, you’d want to check for 403 Forbidden HTTP code instead of the usual 200 OK.


Basic HTTP Auth Monitoring

Monitive also checks web applications behind HTTP Authentication, so it’s easy to check out restricted websites and apps.


Custom Timeout

Our default checking timeout is 30 seconds, but if you run a time-critical website, feel free to select 5 seconds as the timeout value and we’ll let you know as soon as the website fails to react in the selected time.


Google Analytics Transparent

Monitive uptime monitoring does not show up in Google Analytics reports, because we don’t run the JavaScript on your website.


An Awesome Dashboard

This is what you get when you sign into your account, showing all the important info in just one look. See uptime and latency info, together with history and recent incidents.

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