1. From which countries does Monitive checks my sites or services?
  2. What is considered a good uptime?
  3. What is considered a slow site, in terms of server latency?
  4. I want to upgrade to a bigger plan. How do I do that?
  5. How do I change my payment information?
  6. How can I get an invoice for my payments, and how do I change invoice information?
  7. I recently placed an order and my account hasn't yet been upgraded. What's happening?
  8. How do I cancel my subscription?
  9. I'm not completely satisfied with your service and want to get a refund. How do I do this?
  10. I need your Proof of Residency because my Tax Department needs it. Can you sent it me please?
  11. When are the monthly included SMS alerts credited to my account?
  12. Which countries are covered by the SMS alerting features?
  13. When do my SMS alerts expire?
  14. Do monthly SMS alerts included in the subscription get reported to the next month?
  15. How do I test to see if I can receive SMS alerts?
  16. How can I add multiple accounts to my mobile app for iOS or Android?
  17. The website was detected as down, but the diagnosis doesn't show anything wrong with my site. Why is that?
  18. Where are the diagnosis executed from?
  19. My logs show that there is a port scanning occurring from time to time from Monitive's servers. Why is this?
  20. Why don't you have a monitoring node in my country?
  21. I'm using Microsoft IIS or Nginx and Monitive reports my site as down or slow. Why is that?
  22. How can I set Monitive to make HTTP GET requests instead of HEAD?
  23. How can I pause the monitoring during a planned maintenance timeframe?
  24. How can I monitor my MySQL servers behind a firewall?
  25. How do I remove a monitor?
  26. Does Monitive's check show up in my Google Analytics account?
  27. How do I clone a monitor?
  28. Is there a problem with your ping servers? My application is online however the remote servers are giving a time out
  29. How do I add a service that is currently down?
  30. How do I delete some outages that I don't want recorded in my account?
  31. I've got lots of outages alerts in the past few hours. What's happening?
  32. Do you have the ability to monitor email flow?
  33. How do I monitor a website that is protected by HTTP Basic Auth?
  34. How can I place an uptime widget on my site?