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Monk Alwin Koops Tudor Bastea Simon Edwards Cameron Cook

Keyword checking, tests from multiple locations, server uptime and malware detection are some pretty wild features that are worth paying the price for this service. Monk Network Engineer, WebDevolution.net

This service is getting better and better, now by adding the great custom timeout function. Alwin Koops Founder, Alwin Koops Photography

We work with a cluster of cloud servers and Monitive does a stellar job in keeping track of their status and latency at all times. Thank you for a great service! Tudor Bastea CTO, 123ContactForm.com

Checking from somewhere close to Australia is good, up to once a minute is great, html content check Is excellent and malware checking... that’s bloody awesome. Simon Edwards ResourcingParents.com

Having a top-tier monitoring service helps us make sure that their message is always there when a potential supporter visits. Cameron Cook Project Manager, BluePrint Interactive

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